FT5: Bands I Refuse To Apologize For

0619top5coverSince this is my first post, I thought I should give everyone a little bit of insight into who I am. Unlike the other ATH writers, I refuse to have “Guilty Pleasures.” Either I like a band, or I don’t. I won’t apologize or make excuses for what I listen to, and I try not to give other people a hard time for what they like (one exception would be Nathan). I’m not saying every band I like is great. Sometimes they have great musicians with bad lyrics and catchy beats. Sometimes they’re just catchy. And the best is when I hate a band, but I hear them so often that I’m tricked into liking them. That being said, here are five bands on my iPod that have play counts at or around 30, and that’s just since April.  Follow the jump for more.

kol5. Kings Of Leon

Aside from the obvious dig at Nathan here, and the nod to RayRay (put that boy in a vest, some sunglasses, stick a smoke in his mouth, and you have Caleb Followill), these guys are good and fun to sing along with. Granted, not everyone may like the mumbly rock, but I have a feeling come October 2, Austin will be filled with tousle-haired young men and waif-like young girls who are just clamoring to get a glimpse of the brothers and cousin Followill.

panic4. Panic at the Disco

Yeah, I liked these guys when they were still excited about the Panic! But just the same, they’re pretty good. Yes, they were signed by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, so there is that. They have managed to keep putting records out that continue to please the ear, and I’m pretty pumped about their upcoming tour with Blink-182. Yeah… You read that right.

vampireweekend3. Vampire Weekend

These guys are great. They really are. They are everywhere. John Hamburg and Judd Apatow obviously have man crushes on them, as do anybody who is anybody. This doesn’t make them bad. Nor are they overplayed by any fault of their own. However, when I have people in my car and their oh-so-familiar drum beats and keyboard are the first things to greet my guests ears, there are a few groans and the inevitable “I hear them everywhere,” conversation begins. I just turn the stereo up and sing along.

aar2. All American Rejects

Ok, so I don’t really have these guys on my iPod… Yet! But after giving Mr. Lankford much grief about his connection to and love for this band, I have been listening to more of their songs, and I’ll admit that whenever they are on the radio I crank up all 12 watts of my car’s stereo and rock out to: “And truth be told I miss you/And truth be told I’m lying.”

falloutboy1. Fall Out Boy

Let’s face it, these guys are crap. Pete Wentz writes awful songs that focus on the band and how they relate to their fans or those who don’t like them. Basically, every song is one of those rap songs about the people who gave them a hard time at any point in their lives, set to catchy pop tunes. Think Mike Jones with an emo hair cut. As I mentioned above, Wentz does have an ear for new bands, and has helped quite a few from different genres break out on to the scene (they toured with Gym Class Heroes and Patrick Stump lent his vocal talents to one of their songs.) I listen to their albums on loop, especially when I’m driving from Maryland to my true home in Austin… I don’t care what you think


  • Attack me all you want Beth, but this affirms your poor taste! Panic at the Disco? Really? Wait, were you in my 8th Grade class last year?

  • I like how this site is reaching out to the teen girl demographic with its new hire. Support your homegirls, ladies!

  • “and it’s too late… to apolo gize…. it’s too late…..”

    And don’t apologize for KOL.

  • So does this mean you’ll finally apologize for liking Glasvegas?

  • Great top 5 by the way. Best in years! Right on!

  • I’m not going to lie to you but I listen to Panic! At the Disco when I workout. There I said it! Yeah that’s right! Beth good job on the there I said it and the yeah that’s right.

  • I just can’t see the appealing side of Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco.
    On the other hand, Vampire Weekend, however overplayed they may be, are nothing to be embarrassed about.

  • I will never apologize for liking Glasvegas, Kyle, but thank you for bringing them up. I thought about mentioning them, but the boys here at ATH are so in love with them, I thought I’d keep this post Glasvegas-free. Go square go!

  • I say…poo! I could’ve picked up a copy of Teen Beat or Rolling Stone to get this load of crap. “Vampire Weekend..This guys are great.” I’m sold! Obviously somebody sold you on that load of crap as well. C’mon guys?

  • Miley Cyrus is ok, but i prefer her earlier Hanna Montana stuff. Talk about selling out… yeesh

  • Sonic Itch Music… maybe you’ve failed to see the hilarity in the bands I picked? Either way, thanks for the thoughts.

  • maybe I fail to see the reasoning behind the post?

  • Haha, it’s a shame that my favourite bands ever are numbers 4 and 1, with number 2 a close third. I guess that’s okay because I am a teenager, right?

    Panic at the disco have got less emo and more folky. And Fall Out Boy have got more.. rappy, I guess, haha 😀

    Patrick Stump does have an outstanding voice/ Ryan Ross does write amazing lyrics.

  • hey sonic itch music do you take the Miley Cyrus is ok, but i prefer her earlier Hanna Montana stuff. Talk about selling out… yeesh! comment seriously as well?

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