New Music From Calm Blue Sea

promoCalm Blue Sea is an Austin band that have been known for their innovative take on music and their willingness to try things in a unique way.  That being said, it should come to no surprise that the locals have embarked on this new project of scoring an entire film and releasing the soundtrack completely on their own.  You may remember way back in March when we told you about CBS live scoring the old black and white cult favorite film Siegfried.  Yes?  Well shortly after that show, the band spent some studio time recording all the tracks for a double CD Calm Blue Sea soundtrack.  The results are really quite beautiful.  You can buy a digital copy of the soundtrack starting August 18th on your favorite online media outlets like itunes & Amazon or you can stream the entire thing at lastfm.  If you’re interested in seeing the music synced up to Siegfried, try searching youtube or snooping around one of those bit torrents you aren’t supposed to use.  For now, here’s two tracks from the soundtrack “The Treasure” and “The Hunt”.


Download: Calm Blue Sea – The Treasure [MP3]


Download: Calm Blue Sea – The Hunt [MP3]

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