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gbvRecently I was reading a book from the 33 and 1/3 Series on Bee Thousand. It was perfect timing because everything else lately had seemed a bit stale, so I went back and played the album.  Over and over again, it reveals new sounds to me, just as the band’s output does for most listeners.  It’s great to see that Bob Pollard, sand Guided by Voices,  is still trucking along, releasing new albums to this day, but for those of you who missed out on the genius of this man and his band, I suggest that you go revisit the entire catalogue.  Here’s a little old school, straight off of Bee Thousand.



  • jimmy (whiksey!) rhea

    Saw him play at the Parrish with Boston Spaceships last October. That guy is in his early 50’s and is STILL doing high-kicks! How effing awesome is that?! Good call Nathan, Bee-Thousand=classic.

  • God I love this freakin’ song. The transition from “Yours to Keep” to “Echos Myron” gets me every time. Great job Nathan. Bee Thousand, GBV, and their copious amount of on-stage drinking is the stuff of legend.

  • what a coincidence. I’ve just been revisiting Mag Earwhig! the past couple of days, and have been pleasantly reminded of how f****** great this band is. I was going to post about them as well, but I guess you beat me to it, although I could pull the “old man” card and talk about seeing them @ Liberty Lunch around that time. Just a few days before Yo La Tengo. Oh how I miss thee Liberty Lunch.

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