FT50: Albums of the ’00s

0828top5coverWhat?   You still listen to THAT album?  That record is so 2004!  Well, that’s okay, because we really like that one too, which is why we decided to come up with a list of our favorite albums of the last decade (2000-2009).  Sure, these might not be YOUR favorite records, or the most critically acclaimed, but we sat down and really thought out every record from the past ten years that we keep coming back to in our collections.  You’re likely to disagree with some of these, and we won’t tell you we’re absolutely right we just know that these happen to be OUR favorites.  If you think we totally blew it here, feel free to tell us so, but be nice, as our egos are kind of fragile.  Follow the jump for more.

50. Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf – I don’t smoke pot, so stoner rock makes me feel connected

49. The Dutchess and the DukeTh e Dutchess and the Duke – Destined to haunt your spellcheck forever.

48. New PornographersElectric Version – What wasn’t good about this album?

47. Magnetic FieldsI – While not their best, it made me realize how sad it could be to walk around town, alone, as a circus clown.

46. Ted Leo and the RxHearts of Oak – Consistently awesome, consistently Ted.  I’d do him.

45. Of MontrealSunlandic Twins – This is when things got weird, and we loved it.

44. Antony and the JohnsonsI am a Bird Now – Antony made it cool to be transgendered and beautiful.

43. Rilo Kiley – Execution of All Things – The most solid album for the group, though not one of their better known.

42. Band of HorsesEverything All the Time – I still listen to Funeral at least once a month.

41. The KillersHot Fuss – Don’t lie, not only do you own this, but you know all the words.

40. Bright EyesLifted, or the Story is in the Soil – Back when he cried on stage, Conor Oberst wrote this gem. It was also part of the Christm -akuh starter package.

39. Q and Not UNo Kill No Beep Beep – They made it okay to use handclaps in post-punk.

38. BeckSea Change – Beck goes acoustic? Yep, and he’ll make you cry.

37. Les Savy FavGo Forth – Dear Tim, you can sweat on me anytime.

36. UnicornsWho Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone – Their break-up spawned a hydra-head of indie bands, most of which we love.

35. Nada SurfLet Go – This convinced us that indie rock was “Popular”.

34. Postal ServiceGive Up – The UPS went to war with this band, and we haven’t heard of them since.

33. Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – Brilliant album until Wayne decided to walk in a big rubber ball at every show the rest of the decade.

32. InterpolTurn on the Bright Lights – Remember when Carlos D thought he was some sort of soldier? I still wear my holster, but thats it.

31. The KnifeSilent Shout – This is the album to convince your friends you are not normal.

30. Belle and SebastianDear Catastrophe Waitress – Everyone hated on this record, until they realized that it totally ruled.

29. The DecemberistsCrane Wife – Japanese folk tales? Yes please.

28. Death Cab for CutieTransatlanticism – You bought this as soon as Seth gave it to Summer for Christm-akuh.

27. My Morning JacketZ – Jim James rock opera prepares them for an appearance in Elizabethtown.

26. The WalkmenBows and Arrows – This record booked them a tour with Incubus, it was that good.

25. Iron and WineOur Endless Numbered Days – Does this guy still live in Dripping Springs? Can I stop by sometime?

24. At the Drive-InRelationship of Command – The next Rage Against the Machine imploded and made records for people in a coma.

23. Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy – The band grew up here, “For Real”.

22. Camera ObscuraLets Get Out of This Country – “Lloyd I’m Ready to be Heart Broken” is still kicking in my head.

21. Wolf ParadeApologies to the Queen Mary – Our apologies to Wolf Parade for not making this higher.

20. Sun Kill MoonGhosts of the Great Highway – Don’t listen to this if you’re a cutter; you’ll die.

19. TV on the Radio – Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes -Everyone prefers Return to Cookie Mountain but they are wrong.

18. Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand – We danced to this all year, still do.

17. Grizzly BearYellow House – Better than Veckatimest, solid all the way through.

16. New AmsterdamsWorse for the Wear – This is Emo for grown ups.

15. Trail of DeadSource Tags and Codes -Pitchfork gave this a 10, so we had to put it on here.

14. White StripesWhite Blood Cells – Pleased to meet you Mr. White.  Is that your sister/wife behind the drums?

13. Explosions in the SkyThe Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place – Not just for those Friday Night Lights.

12. Modest Mouse- Moon and Antarctica – The last album before they got shiny and clean.

11. The WrensMeadowlands – Start to finish, this record wins on every song.

10. Bloc PartySilent Alarm – Back in the day, they used instruments and made you dance.

9. The ShinsOh Inverted World – Did they “Change your life?”

8. RadioheadKid A – I hear this band puts out decent albums, but I never heard of em’.

7. The NationalBoxer – Mid-life crisis indie rock certified awesome by NPR.

6. SpoonKill the Moonlight – Four records could make this list, but this one works.

5. Ryan AdamsHeartbreaker – Brilliant Americana by a guy that decided to suck later.

4. Broken Social SceneYou Forgot it In People – It was nice to meet Feist, Amy Milan, and Kevin Drew for the first time.

3. Arcade FireFuneral – How many times did you freak out when you first listened to this?

2. The StrokesIs This it – These guys brought back rock n’ roll, or at least Rolling Stone told us they did.

1. WilcoYankee Hotel Foxtrot – This is the right answer.


  • Just Stumbled Upon this tonight. I was ecstatic to see QOTSA Songs for the Deaf. However what about Red Hot Chili Peppers? 311? (am I totally giving myself away as a former pothead?) Blink? System of a Down????

  • This is merely a list of your favorite “indie” records of the last decade. you can’t do a BEST OF THE DECADE LIST with one genre. Hard rock isn’t on this list, pop music isn’t on this list, electronic music isn’t on this list and neither is hip hop. Indie music has taken the “ump” out of music and done nothing but highlight the mediocrity that is modern music. Thank you for celebrating that.

  • Great list. Stupid comments.

  • how can The Black Keys Rubber Factory not be included???!!!

  • At-Drive-In and no The Mars Volta?…mmm that ain’t right

  • Very good list, I love many of these albums intimately, especially Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. But I think that Ween deserves to have at least one album on there… at least one.

  • What about Arctic Monkeys?

  • Here’s what I took from this: A narrow band of safe indie rock was great in the 00s.
    Anything slightly offbeat or different (Joanna Newsom, Sigur Ros, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Animal Collective, any hip hop or electronica,etc) sucked because I SAID SO.

  • amen, debbiedowner

    also… get out more.

    your list sucks ape testicles

  • What you should have taken from this list was that it was compiled by three different people with very different tastes. Not to mention the fact that all the bands mentioned by debbiedowner aren’t important to anyone, but one of the three writers who organized this list.

    Oh, and since we own/run this site, we can say what we want. It’s our opinion, our choice/voice. I would have personally stuck all the Belle and Sebastian records on there. But that’s the great thing about music, everyone has their taste.

    And we get out plenty.

  • Nathan, responding to someone who uses phrases like “sucks ape testicles” isn’t worth your time. He’s probably sitting at home enjoying the new 311 album he just bought at Hastings.

  • “sucks ape testicles” is kinda funny. 311 rules. #buysmusicatmalls

  • my favorite album is here 😀

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