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betterthanezraSo go back with me if you will to a time when CDs were at their height of popularity and I was just a wee little lad wet behind the ears.  I had just graduated from the 6th grade and was about to move on into the dark and scary world that is middle school.

A year prior I had just gotten into some of the typical big 90s bands (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc.) via recorded tapes gifted to me by my older brother.  So I was getting into grunge thing with my tapes and finally decided it was time to become a big boy and get a CD PLAYER!!! Wahoo!! After my CD player was brought to me by Santa Clause, my next order of business was to get some damn CDs!So I bought three: The Gangster’s Paradise single (remember???), Four by Blues Traveler, and Deluxe by Better than Ezra.  Not gonna lie, that CD could have just as easily been a single because “Good” was the only song I really listened to.  I mean I tore that CD up!  It doesn’t even work anymore people.  So to honor that time in my life and the band coming to town on Saturday at La Zona Rosa, I give you “Good” by Better than Ezra.  If you’re interested in the show, tickets are $30 and doors are at 8:30.  When’s our list of top post-Nirvana/grunge imitator albums?

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Better-Than-Ezra-Good.mp3]


  • I’ll be the anti “I knew the band back when…” voice and say there is tons of solid Better Than Ezra stuff POST-Deluxe.

    Friction, Baby & Closer are full of some catchy pop tunes, if that’s your thing. “Cry In The Sun” was my favorite beat from Deluxe.

    I’ve been compiling a “Post Grunge” Top 5 since the beginning summer. It’s gonna be EPIC.

  • “What’s Better Than Ezra? Most things!” Ba-dump!
    “If this is Better Than Ezra, I’d hate to hear Ezra!”

    I’ll be here all week!

    Full disclosure: I owned and loved this CD at the time, you just have to seriously think out band names because of jackasses like myself.

    Post Grunge? The Breeders must be on there!

  • This picture is really starting to get to me.

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