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jawboxReally what can I say about Jawbox? If you are familiar with the seminal Washington D.C. band then you understand why one can fall short on words to describe such an influential group. If you are not familiar with them, well, then I feel sorry for you. You need to go out now and pick up their near perfect album, For Your Own Special Sweetheart. Seriously, go.

I’ll wait.

I had never before heard a blend of driving rock mixed with noise. It was beautiful and dangerous. The video for Savory, blew my young mind making me a lifetime fan of this band.  I am not even taking into account the sheer greatness singer/guitarist J. Robbins has imparted on the scene through his production work, as well as his time spent in the bands Burning Airlines and Channels.

Jawbox, to celebrate the re-release of For Your Own Special Sweetheart, on their own label, Desoto Records, will be playing live together for the first time since 1997 on December 8th, 2009 on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, of all places. Truly an occasion to look forward to!

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/02_02_-_Savory.mp3]

Download: Jawbox – Savory [MP3]

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