ATH Interviews: Black Joe Lewis

blackjoelewis_featureShortly after our time at ACL, we realized that we failed to interview any of our favorite local acts playing over the weekend.  To make up for our miscue, we caught up with up and coming Austin artist Black Joe Lewis via email.  Black Joe has been hard working hard and touring the country with his band The Honeybears after releasing his debut LP earlier this year.  Follow the jump to read full interview.

ATH: You haven’t been playing music too long.  When and why did you decide to pick up a guitar?


Joe: I was bored one day working at this pawn shop about six or seven years ago. I got one off the wall there and starting trying to teach myself how to play.


ATH: So you guys seem to be the next big thing coming out of Austin.  Online media is on you, Spin covered you, etc.  To what do you think ou owe this recent success?


Joe: I don’t know man, we’ve been really lucky. All the stuff came together at the right time I guess and I’m glad people like what we’re doing.


ATH: What do you think your signing to Lost Highway has done for your career?


Joe: That was a big help in getting the word out outside of Austin. They’ve been pushing the record all over which is cool.


ATH: You recorded the new album with Jim Eno.  What was it like working with a local legend?


Joe: He was great. I met him at a biker bar, I was getting wailed on by these gang members and he rolled up and we took em out. Bats and crowbars. We are blood brothers now.


ATH: Have you reached a point yet where you really feel like you’ve made it?  When do you think that was?


Joe: We’re still working on it and just trying to keep getting better.


ATH: Have you guys reached the point now that you’re making the leap and quitting your day jobs?


Joe: Just about. We still stay busy with different stuff when we are back home and have time off.


ATH: The Craig Ferguson performance was great.  How did that come about and were you nervous as all hell?


Joe: I guess that came together through the label. It wasn’t too bad man, just one song. It was over really quick.


ATH: Being from Austin, what are some bands the rest of the country should now about from our town?


Joe: I like the Ape Shits, we’ve been putting Leatherbag on some of our shows.


ATH: Has being in the Austin music scene helped or hindered your progress as an artist?


Joe: It was tough starting out because there are so many bands, but Southby Southwest and ACL fest and stuff have helped us reach a bigger audience. There are lots of clubs to play.


ATH: Austin rapidfire & finish:


Best venue: Continental Club


Best mexian: Las Jalisciences


Beer: Lone Star


Best jukebox: Hole in the Wall


Best burger: Casino el camino


Spiros: Closed


Thanks again Mr. Lewis for making the time to answer our questions.  Hope to see you soon.

Photo credit to Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman

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