Fun Fest Interviews: The Jesus Lizard

FFFFest2009_jesuslizardWhen one gets the opportunity to speak to a legendary band such as The Jesus Lizard, one most make the most of that opportunity with some quality questions.  Oh and questions about Halloween costumes… Such was the task assigned to us when we had the chance to send 5 questions to veteran bass player and founding The Jesus Lizard member David Sims.  I think you’ll find that David still likes to keep things pretty old school.  Follow the jump for full interview.

ATH: Has the Jesus Lizard been more enjoyable in the new millineium or do you long for early nineties? How has touring changed since then, city/fan wise?


DS: I’m not a nostalgic person, so I’m not pining for the early Nineties.  The biggest difference I notice in touring is that you’re not as cut off from home as you used to be before cell phones and laptops.  It used to feel so daring to climb into a van and disappear from your regular life for a few months.   I think it’s easier now, but less of an adventure.


ATH: In previous interviews with the band you guys stated that The Jesus Lizard had no intentions of writing or recording new music. That being said, without the prospect of producing material, has this reunion become more business-like as this touring cycle goes on or is it just as fun as it always was?


DS: We were always business-like, and we’re having a lot of fun.  They’re not mutually exclusive.


ATH: Steve Albini and Bob Weston did a fantastic job remastering The Jesus Lizard’s first four albums. Are there any albums that you would long to hear remastered?


DS: No.  I’m not an audiophile.


ATH: How did the idea of Dangerpuss come about? With the end of The Jesus Lizard touring cycle soon coming to a close, are you going to focus more on this project or is it more of hobby? What would some one have to do to sit in on one of these sessions (hint!)?


DS: I will be spending more time on Dangerpuss.  I need to record some more songs and bamboozle someone into putting out a CD.  As for sitting in, I don’t know, buy me a beer and convince me you can play something?  I’d also like to get a band going, but I think that would be something separate from Dangerpuss.


ATH: With Halloween upon us, what are you going to be?


DS: I wore that stupid human suit.


Many thanks again David for taking the time to answer our pressing questions.  You can see The Jesus Lizard live at 8:35 on Friday at Fun Fest on the black stage.  Should be a good one.

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