FT5: 2009 FFF Fest Highlights (From the Future!)

1106top5coverWe all have friends on Twitter, right? Sure you do! Well, one of my Twitter friends, Burton Parker (@welvis), on occasion, tweets from the future. Most of the time it’s fairly asinine, but there are some genuine moments of hilarity. So for this week’s Friday Top Five I decided to jock Burton’s style and recall some of my favorite moments from 2009’s Fun Fun Fun Fest…from the future!

davidyow5. David Yow, The Jesus Lizard’s front man, has quite the reputation of, how shall I put it, letting “it” all “hang out” during the band’s live performances. But I was tremendously surprised that Mr. Yow remained fully clothed on the fests opening night. Unfortunately the rest of the band performed sans clothing. This act really put ‘Dancing Naked Ladies’ into perspective.
mikamiko_noage_timesnew4. Near the mechanical bull members of Mika Miko, No Age, and Times New Viking got into, what seemed like, a very heated argument. I wish I knew what was being debated, but everything was too static-y. Who knew these guys even argued in lo-fi! All I heard was cymbals and reverb drenched guitars.
health_ofmontreal3. What happens when someone’s neon green hoodie gets dusted with a healthy amount of glitter? Ask the members of HEALTH and Of Montreal. It truly was sight to behold when fisticuffs broke out between these two groups, feathers and white belts were flying everywhere! Usually when a nine person fight breaks out there is considerable damage, but strangely enough, absolutely nothing was harmed during the brawl. I’m not saying it was sissy fight, but cotton balls fighting dry leaves would’ve caused more of a ruckus.
fuckedup_tapestry2. It had been rumored that Fucked Up would be performing ‘The Chemistry for Common Life’ in its entirety, which the band started out doing. But three minutes into the opening track, “Son the Father”, Damian ‘Pink Eyes’ Abraham brought the song to a screeching halt. After a few moments of regrouping the band launched into ‘I Feel the Earth Move’ the opening track from Carole King’s 1971 album ‘Tapestry’. The crowd was silent. The band continued to play Tapestry in its entirety. I will always be haunted by the image of that large, sweaty, shirtless man wailing ‘(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman’ on the ground.
danzig1. Leading up to Fun Fun Fun Fest weekend I thought a lot about Danzig. Should I see him, should I leave early? I assumed he would show an hour before his set and just hide in his trailer until show time. Boy was I wrong! That man was out and about the whole weekend. Mechanical bull? Danzig was there! Skate ramp? Danzig was there! Gnawing on turkey legs? You damn well better believe Danzig was there! But something I thought was strange was that Danzig performed with EVERY band on the bill. Apparently mandatory guest appearances is on Danzig’s tour rider on the off chance Glenn feels performing with any of his opening acts. This time it happened to be with all 89 of them. Even stranger he insisted on each band playing the Misfits ‘Hybrid Moments’. For some bands (The Sword, Fucked Up, and Coalesce) this request was easy. During The King Khan & BBQ Show Set, the dark one donned a black leather Speedo and tiger skin cape. But for others (Kid Sister, Buraka Som Sistema, and Cool Kids) the collaboration was painful. Atlas Sound’s Bradford Cox even left the stage in tears. Strangely enough Danzig cancelled his Sunday night set.

Have a great time at Fun Fun Fun Fest everyone! Make sure to say hello to me. I’ll be the one with the beard!


  • I thought it was awesome when Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav beat up Danzig for interrupting their show. Tim took shots with everyone from the crowd afterwards, and we danced on Glenn’s broken body. That’s why he had to cancel.


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