Fun Fest Interviews: Les Savy Fav

FFFFest2009_lessavyfavOur Fun Fest interviews are nearing an end this week but not before an interview with hard rockers Les Savy Fav.  Before the festival, we had the opportunity to catch up with founding member Syd Butler to talk to him about his band and his record label French Kiss Records.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  Follow the jump for full interview.

ATH: Do you ever feel like the showmanship of Tim (Harrington) takes away from the audience actually paying attention to the music?  If so, does it matter, or is the music merely another dynamic of what the band is trying to get across?


SB: I think for first timers. Tim’s initial performance is amazing to one who has not seen it. If you come back and see us you start to see/hear the entire package. The music supports Tim and Tim supports the music. If the songs were not there then Tim’s performance wouldn’t hold up.


ATH: If you had to pick an album for new Les Savy Fav fans to begin with, which album do you suggest they start with?


SB: I would start with Inches then go to Let’s Stay Friends. My favorite… is Rome.


ATH: Knowing a lot about the band, everyone has their hands in various other projects.  Are there any projects we might not be aware of that are worthy of mentioning?


SB: Harrison [Haynes] and his wife have invested their energies into a new Bakery in Durham that sells yummy pies.


ATH: I’ve seen your band on several tours, with various opening acts. What style of music or group do you personally feel affiliated with?


SB: I have heard we are rock with out the roll. We love to play with comedians- but I feel we mesh the best with “Harder” acts…


ATH: You also run Frenchkiss Records, and I love the diversity of the label.  How have you been able to maintain such a diverse roster amongst the music world where everyone seems bent on placing bands and labels in boxes?


SB: In the beginning we were pigeon holed as a rock label- it got boring- all the demos were the same. I couldn’t stand it anymore. There is so much great music out there and to only put out a certain genre is boring.


ATH: As the owner of a record label, do you have a band, past or present, that you wish you could put out, but someone beat you to it?


SB: Cold war kids. Really love those guys and felt connected to them and the music.


ATH: It has been awhile since the last proper Les Savy Fav album.  What do you guys have in the works, or is this sort of a lull in the band’s career?


SB: We will be putting a record out in 2010.


ATH: What do you think about performing at festivals in contrast to playing smaller venues?


SB: Both are awesome- Festivals are great because you get to hang with your band friends or see bands that you have always wanted to see. Smaller venues rule as the shows are way more personal.


Thanks again for the time Syd.  See ya next time around!


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