FT5: Album Covers of 2009 (So Far)

1120top5coverAt a time when we are all witnessing the CD’s imminent demise and the convenience of digital files running rampant, thankfully from an art perspective, a vinyl re-emergence is upon us. While sound quality is obviously seen as the most important reason why we are seeing audiophiles jumping back on the vinyl bandwagon, album artwork is also getting a much deserved close-up. With the vinyl album requiring more elaborate artwork packages, bands are re-thinking the overall aesthetic and producing some great work, which only enhances the overall music experience. 2009 has been a great year not only for the ears, but for the eyes as well and below are my picks for the Top 5 album covers from 2009 (so far). Honorable mentions go to Animal Collective’s cover for making me dizzy from staring at it too long and Neko Case for badass picture of the year. Obviously art is about as subjective as subjectivity can get, so give us some feedback. Who’s your number 1?


blackdice_repo5. Black Dice – Repo

With a look like it’s been drizzled with hot wax, the color and imagery of Black Dice’s Repo makes me want to buy it and hang it on my wall. It would work out; because it’s doubtful I would ever pull it down and listen to it.


artbrutvssatan4. Art Brut – vs. Satan

Great use of color and overall balance in the composition gave Art Brut’s latest high marks.


yeahyeahyeahs_itsblitz3. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – It’s Blitz

Much like the YYY’s live shows, this image is uncomplicated yet arresting, demanding attention. This cover is the most memorable for me this year, but not quite the best.


molinanadjohnson2. Molina and Johnson – s/t

Simplicity is the key and like all good covers should, this image made me want to listen. In that aspect some covers are like the ‘true’ title track helping to get the listener into the emotion prior to even putting the headphones on.


astallaslions1. As Tall As Lions – You Can’t Take It With You

Sometimes a picture speaks to you and you’re not sure why. It was a difficult choice, but here’s my pick for best album cover of 2009. As Tall As Lion’s cover is visually striking, utilizes great color and balance and similar to the Molina and Johnston album, this image made me want to find out anything I could about the band and their cover artist.


Overall it’s been a great year for album artwork, giving us a lot to choose from and making a list of the top 50 difficult. So tell us, who did we miss?


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