Fanfarlo @ The Independent (12/2)


Date 12/2/09
Location The Independent
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

English buzz band Fanfarlo are making their way to the Independent on Wednesday night in Austin.  Fellow buzz band Freelance Whales will be joining the band to make this a bloggers wet dream.  Check out some tunes below and decide if this one’s for you.


Download: Fanfarlo – I’m A Pilot [MP3]


  • Fanfarlo are neither Scottish, nor is this a picture of them. Lazy lazy research people…

  • Sorry about the mishap on the Scots thing. You are right… Changed to London. Pretty sure that picture is them though… Am I wrong?

    We all have those days. Thanks for the call out.

  • The picture is Fanfarlo. I’ll punch anyone in the face that says otherwise…it is cutting a few members out.

  • I don’t mean to incur the wrath of Nathan, but that’s definitely not a picture of the band (confirmed by sister-tan who played pool with the band after their show).

    Not faulting Ray, though. Bound to happen, these things are.

    Great band. Glad to see ATH promoting the show.

  • Mr. Tan-

    Not to harp on this, but people change the way they look. This was a picture of the band in their early days. You can go to the following link and find the exact same thing we found. Here is the link.

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