FT5: Greatest Disappointments of the 00s

0108top5coverAlright, so we just finished wrapping up the 00s, and it’s left some of us (namely me) feeling a bit nostalgic for a decade that went by way too quickly.  It left me thinking about things I ruined or things I succeeded in, but most of all, it’s left me reflecting upon the most disappointing moments in my life.  Oddly, I deflect my own animosity for my life, and turn to the world of music.  Below is the five most disappointing things for me, musically, in the decade that passed.  Some have a chance at redemption, but others, well, you blew it big time.

bengibbardstolemygirlfriend5. Ben Gibbard stole my girlfriend

Look, I know that this happened only recently, but I also have come to believe that Zooey‘s hotness has only increased exponentially in the past few years.  All that aside, it’s not just that Ben stole my girlfriend (really, he did!), but he stole the dreams of me and my many like-minded friends.  Out of nowhere, he popped up his now skinny head, and crushed the dreams of many.  Shame on you Ben Gibbard.


thewrens_meadowland4. The Wrens don’t put out another album

The Wrens put out Meadowlands, which is absoltuely one of my all time favorite albums, and that feeling of joy when I put the needle to the record will never fade away.  What did fade away was the feelings of joy I had in regard to The Wrens.  Lead man Charles did a little bit of work, most recently with Will from Okkervil River, which means dudes were getting work done.  Why didn’t I see any of it at all?  Why did they leave me just as I was falling in love? Nearly a decade with no new tunes? You fail.


wilco-yhf3. Wilco couldn’t replicate Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

You go against the odds and record one of the most brilliant masterpieces in modern pop music, one which everyone still talks about, but then you slowly decline all the way towards 2009s Wilco, the Album.  You can’t entirely blame the guys, as they lost Jay Bennett (as did we all, RIP), but they went from such great heights to such a low.  Not only this, but people somehow kept believing in them, as if they could bring back the magic.  I admit it! I was a sucker; I fell for it.  Never again Wilco!


weweredeadbeforetheshipevensank2. Modest Mouse sold out

Sure, this is the age-old debate about whether or not you deem it okay to allow your favorite secrets to better themselves and move their careers forward.  My answer? No!  Modest Mouse had the control of the indie world after Lonesome Crowded West; they could do no wrong.  Sure, a lot of people think Moon and Antartica was their best, but those people are wrong!  Modest Mouse went to the majors, lost their luster, and they lost a fan (though I know I’m not the only one).


ryanadams_cardinology1. Ryan Adams

I’ll admit that I was a little bit late jumping on the Ryan Adams train, but I jumped all the way on.  It baffles me how the guy that made Whiskeytown brilliant, then put out Heartbreaker, can rush down the hill of mediocrity so quickly.  I know he landed Mandy and all, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that I willingly sat down to listen to things like 29 or CardinologyRyan Adams was my biggest disappointment.


Look, I know you all disagree with some of these, and I get that, but I had to let you know how disappointed I was in these things; isn’t time to be reflective, at least for another week? If you had a bigger disappointment, or want to tell me why I am wrong, we’re all for it! Leave a comment.


  • I agree with 5, 4 & 3.

    #2. I was a bit let down by their newer stuff but not near as much as you obviously. Definitely not bad enough to warrant second worst thing of the decade.

    #1. While yes, the last 2-3 Adams/Cardinals records were total trash, he does have some other good stuff outside of Heartbreak. Gold is a great album, as is Demolition, Cold Roses, Jacksonville City Nights, etc. Yes Heartbreaker and Whiskeytown material are his best work, but I’d put him near the top of a list for modern songwriters.

  • sucks about zoooooey. So does Ben Gibbard give up music after this? How do you write heartfelt sad bastard pop after that?

    Here’s a disappointing thing:
    In 10 years, crappy sounding digital files have replaced an actual tangible medium for music. Sound quality and the whole “album” concept and format are on their way out, Nobody pays for what they listen to, feeling the pinch, the promoters and ticketmasters and record labels form like Voltron into a monolithic Music Inc…

    The most disappointing thing?
    October 2001, the first iPod.

  • sorry to hear about #5. they’re both celebrities, so i’m sure they’ll break up and she’ll eventually be available again.
    if i had a list of things that i’m grateful for in the 00’s, #2 and #3 would be on that list.

  • Ryan Adams covers the entire spectrum of music I(he’s secretly a huge dubstep star in sweeden) but seriously, check out III/IV and tell me its not awesome.

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