SXSW Awards

What a week that was! We’re worn out, as we’re sure you are, and we’ve been trying to figure out what our favorite moments of SXSW 10′ were.  We’re excluding our own party, as obviously that was a great time, so this list includes a lot of things we took part in during the week.  These are just our thoughts, and sometimes they’re based on a thirty minute set, so don’t hate us.  But, we’d love to hear what the highlights of your week were, so leave a comment to share.


Best Venue

Nathan – The Ghost Room

RayRay – The Ghost Room – Sound man Augustine is one of the best in town.

Jon – The Mohawk Patio – Best place to enjoy the weather in Austin.


Band That Didn’t Live Up to the Hype

Nathan – Free Energy -If you’re gonig to play cock rock, rock it with passion.

RayRay – Free Energy – Sounded okay but front man needs some coaching.

Jon – Broken Bells – Good but not great.  The hype was way out of proportion.  Stick to The Shins James.


Band That Lived Up to the Hype

Nathan – Local Natives – More post-punk than one would assume

RayRay – Local Natives/Surfer Blood

Jon – Local Natives


WTF! Moment/Band

Nathan – Duchess Says – Annie Claude is possessed by the devil, and I loved it.

RayRay – The weather on Saturday.  I purposely went to inside parties to avoid the cold.

Jon – The damn weather.  WTF Austin!


Nicest Band

Nathan – The Crayon Fields –  I’m asking them to move in with me.

RayRay – The Loom – Let us use their amps at our showcase and super down to earth people.

Jon – Efterklang – Nicest, most down to earth band in the world by far.  This is the band I would be most likely to buy a round of drinks.


Best Front-Person

Nathan – Annie-Claude Deschenes (Duchess Says) — Karen O meets the Exorcist.

RayRay – Emily Haines – sooooo hot.

Jon – Matt Caughthran (Mariachi El Bronx)


Bands We’d Like to See Again Tomorrow

Nathan – The Crayon Fields or Twin Tigers

RayRay – Local Natives or The Loom

Jon – White Denim – At no point would I ever not want to see them again.


Band We Love But Knew Nothing About

Nathan – Beach Fossils/Duchess Says

RayRay – Grooms – The drummer for this Brooklyn band was sick.

Jon – Voodoo Souljahs


Coolest Celebrity Sighting

Nathan – Mischa Barton  – I’d still hit that.

RayRay – Gwar – I would defenitely not hit that.

Jon – none

raygun – Scott Weiland!


Top 5 Bands

Nathan – The Crayon Fields, Twin Tigers, Beach Fossils, Local Natives, Suckers

RayRay – Local Natives, Suckers, Colourmusic, Beach Fossils, Metric

Jon – Efterklang, Seabear, Local Natives, Mariachi El Bronx, Warpaint



  • I do not get your obsession with Annie-Claude (Deschenes). But I do wish she lived with you and could freak Stephanie out on a daily basis. Wake Steph up with her sweet sweet serenades.

  • I was going to say my 2 favorite shows were Local Natives and Surf City, but I felt like a poser b/c I probably went to 1/10th of the shows you guys went to. Bravo to all 3 of you for being troopers.

    Most random show: Everybody Was in the French Resistance… Now. I was actually rather entertained by these guys, although I’d never listen to them again.

    Biggest annoyance: Besides the f-ing cold/wind on Saturday, it had to be the sound at the Urban Outfitters back lot. Maybe I’m getting old, but is it absolutely necessary to turn the sound up to 11 in a parking lot tent? The whole idea of a back lot performance is to see an intimate show, but I felt like I was in a storage building in an east side practice space.

    Agree 100% on Ghost Room/sound. Mucho impressed.

  • Agreed….Free Energy sucked ass and deserves nothing but the chewed bubble gum on the bottom of our sneakers…

    Best band(s): Carolina Chocolate Drops @ Galaxy Room were astonishing.
    King’s Go Forth @ Shangri’la were equally astonishing.
    Cheap Trick @ Auditorium Shores were really astonishing for two reasons: 1.) Robin Zander at the ripe age of 57 still sounds like he’s 27. 2.) They played 1/2 of their 1976 debut!

    Greatest celebrity citing ever: Bill f**kin’ Murray.

  • didn’t go, dammit, so i can’t have a WTF moment. but did anybody happen to see or hear about the Fat Mike WTF moment? sounds pretty intense.

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