New Tunes from Stornoway

I’m really surprised that we haven’t heard too much on this side of the pond about Stornoway.  They’ve got everything we love about our own bands, not to mention Brian Briggs’ incredible set of pipes.  Luckily, this single has come to us from 4AD, and it will be on the band’s debut album Beachcomber’s Windowsill.  This song begins with percussion and gentle strumming before Briggs decides he wants to carry the rest of the song with his voice (the music stays, but his voice dominates).  If this is what we can expect, then huge things are expected from this band.  Check out their album on May 24th.


Download: Stornoway – On the Rocks [MP3]


  • Question:

    How do I get my hands on Stornoway’s cd when it comes out?
    It’s not on iTunes in the US and for some reason I cannot purchase music from the UK iTunes store.
    Any ideas.

  • Jimmy-
    I don’t think it will be released on the US iTunes store until May 24th, and I haven’t seen a leak or anything. I guess we’ll just have to keep our hands crossed that it does make it over here on the due date. I guess you can maybe try Amazon once the album is released too, if iTunes isn’t carrying it.

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