New Tunes from Thieves Like Us

Usually I’m not overly excited by dance music, but this new Thieves Like Us jam is perfect for a Friday.  It’s got a steady groove that just trucks along, and the smooth vocals remind me of the work of Junior Boys.  It’s just that sort of chill song that catches your ear as you gear up for an exciting Friday at the office.  It’s from the band’s new album, Again and Again, which hits stores on July 6th. Now chill.


Download: Thieves Like Us – Forget Me Not [MP3]


  • This is not a picture of Thieves Like Us, and they sound nothing like Junior Boys. Good work!

  • Actually Sarah, this is a picture of Thieves Like Us, and it’s the one that accompanied the press release for this song. And, while their entire catalog may not sound like Junior Boys, take a listen to this song, and you’ll see the undertones I was referencing. Appreciate your compliments.

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