FT5: Songs That Make You Rap

You can always count on this lady to bring hip-hop and dance to the ATH table. This round of picks was inspired by a comment @DaveRupert made on one of my past articles, Songs That Make You Dance. He said a good follow up would be about the songs that make you rap, and here we are. These are a few of the rap songs we all love and know most of the words to. You may not know all of the lyrics, but when that chorus line approaches, dayum you’ve got it down. No matter your race, ethnicity, age or level of hip-hop knowledge, you know these songs (or at least that hook line).


5. Juvenile – “Back That Azz Up”

You’re hands raise up and motion the figure of a voluptuous woman’s figure as you proclaim “You’se a fine m***f*** won’t you back that ass up”, whilst sticking your rump outward against someone else’s. That was nearly poetic. This former Hot Boys member pretty much defines southern “bounce” and definitely has the power to draw a crowd full of people ready to bump and grind.


4. Tag Team – “Whoomp, There It Is”

After introducing “my man Steve Roll’n” you point to “the party over here, the party over there” and you’re hooked. This track is Tag Team’s major hit during the 90’s; well heck it was their only hit. It lands on every basketball event playlist, and is one of the greatest songs of all time according to Billboard. Did you know Obama was in the video?


3. Young MC – “Bust A Move”

Here’s one of the tracks that makes you smile and nod along until “If you want it, baby you’ve got it” comes around. You’re out on the dance floor at a wedding where several older dudes have swaggered over to the dance circle and have now proceeded to take their suit coats off, reveal their sweaty rolled up dress shirts and loosened ties, and they are ready to bust a serious move. You’ve been there seen that? I see some hands.


2. Naughty By Nature – “Hip Hop Hooray”

The simple yet catchy chorus line of “Heyyy, hooo, heyyy, hooo” triggers every arm to raise up and wave back and forth. It’s inevitable. Spike Lee directed the frickin’ video where you can see Easy E and Run-DMC waving along. It’s just a solid hip hop song all around.


1. House of Pain – “Jump Around”

You hear the intro and you know what’s about to go down. It starts strong with a little “pack it up, pack it in, let me begin” and never drops the pace; introducing the chorus “jump around” early in the game. If you “came to get down”, this is the perfect track to get anyone and everyone to literally jump around.



  • No love for the D-O-Double-G?

    I’m also proud to admit that I took my brother to one of his very first concerts, and it was to see “Jump Around” live.

  • intergalactic, planetary. planetary, intergalactic. intergalactic, planetary. planetary, intergalactic. Another dimension, another dimension, another dimension, another dimension…

    and so on and so forth…

  • Psh to see “jump around” live….

    I was there to see “What it’s Like” live.. Maybe I should have kept that to myself?

  • There were so many songs that could be included, just no room. Also didn’t feel like putting “Baby Got Back” in there.

  • My vote is for BIZ Markie- “Just a Friend”, but I do have a special place in my heart for Bust a Move…

  • “Regulatersssssssssssssssssssss. Mount Up.”

  • Intergalactic, planetary. Planetary, intergalactic. Intergalactic, planetary. Planetary, intergalactic. Another dimension, another dimension, another dimension, another dimension…

    and so forth…

  • KrisKros – Jump
    “Daddy Mac gonna make ya…Jump, Jump, MacDaddy gonna make ya…Jump, Jump!”
    I know they were 12, but I was 10 and 18 years later, still know all the words.

    Also, Rumpshaker: All I wanna do is a ZoomZoomZoom and a BoomBoom, JUST SHAKE YA RUMP!

    @king tut, right on.

  • i’m just pissed that ATH’s spam filter won’t let me post the lyrics to intergalactic.

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