Show Review: Chromeo @ Stubbs (8/24)

Tuesday night one of our newest writers Mairin Heard made it over to Stubbs for a set by electro-duo Chromeo.  Apparently the show was a hit as most people had nothing but good things to say.  Mairin has a review and some fancy photos after the jump.  Check it out.

Chromeo killed it Tuesday night in Austin at the overly energetic and crowded Stubb’s, with Telephoned and Holy Ghost! starting it off.  Fans chanted, “Chrom-e-o, ohhhh, oh” in a welcoming fashion, which kick-started the night of dance music satisfaction. They cranked out their celebrated extra funky beats set up behind two red-heeled mannequin-legged keyboard stands. Their songs are insanely cheesy and focus on dancing skills and sexual abilities, and the fans ate it up with a spoon.

The pair is visually opposite, yet complements each other during their live performance without a glitch.  Lead singer and guitarist Dave 1 swaggered around the stage grinning ear to ear, as P-Thugg performed covertly behind his flat bill on his vocoder and bass.  They played new tracks off their new album Business Casual, along with the older ones such as “Two-Step” and “Tenderoni”. At one point they stood back to back to jam out, which made the crowd go wild.

Chromeo left the stage multiple times at the end of their set, but came back with encore covers including “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles.  Together they put on an act that called feet to action for some serious Fancy Footwork.  Everyone in attendance would probably agree that this was one of the most humid and sweaty dance parties of the summer, but most were smiling the entire time.

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  • I couldn’t agree more, as I was in attendance. However, the track is called ‘Fancy Footwork’, not ‘Two-Step’.

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