New Music from Clinic

Once you get beyond the fact that Clinic gained a lot of popularity for donning surgeon masks during their shows, you’ll also discover that the band has a remarkable discography.  It’s a collection of work that shows a fondness for pop of the past, but mixed in with a sense of musical adventure, along with their willingness to push boundaries.  The group has a new addition to the discography titled Bubblegum, which will hit stores on October 5th via Domino.  Expect something special, as per usual.


Download: Clinic – I’m Aware [MP3]

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  • Dude, Internal Wrangler is one of my very favorite albums (also one of my holy grails of vinyl… the day I actually find it will be amazing); Clinic rocks.

    And the new album means touring, which I’m hoping like hell means they will hit Austin. So excited!

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