Show Preview: Pinkerton Hoot Night @ Thunderbird Coffee (9/9)

Date 9/9/10
Location Thunderbird Coffee
Doors 6pm
Tickets FREE!!

Giant Steps Productions has a cool event they’re calling “Pinkerton Hoot night” going on Thursday night at Thunderbird Coffee.  The idea is that 6 local bands will cover all songs from Weezer’s sophomore album Pinkerton.  A few bands will also throw in the occasional B-side and/or favorite non Pinkerton Weezer track.  The local lineup of sweet talent includes Ideal Soul Mart, The Bubbles, Guns of Navarone, Maryann and the Revival Band, With an Orange, and International Waters.  This should be a fun night and a reminder to us all that Weezer have pretty well sucked since their 1996 gem.


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