Friday Top 5: Fun Fun Fun Fest Moments

Am I lacking that much in creativity, that my only scribbles are festival related, or is it just pure timing? I’m going to go with timing. Follow the jump for the top moments experienced by yours truly…not necessarily music related.


5. Monotonix

If you aren’t familiar with the 3 guys from Tel Aviv, Isreal and their live show, do it! The music isn’t anything to really concern yourself with, but the show is something that you will not forget for years. This is a show that will find you. Literally. This band of hairy dudes in nothing more than gym shorts, moves their show to wherever they feel necessary. I was a good 30 yards away from the origin of their performance and became engulfed by the show 3/4 in to the performance. There are no boundaries, and you are almost guaranteed that there will be a microphone shoved in the naked rear of the singer. The crowd is almost forced to become a part of the show, willingly or not. And the end result is an acceptance of something that you really had no idea actually existed, but feels really good.


4. Slick Rick- Payday Mofo!

Did anyone notice that Slick Rick didn’t take the stage until about 15 minutes after he was scheduled to play? Well, word is, that the guy refused to leave his vehicle and play until he was paid for his performance in advance, and in cash. And did you noticed how much bling he was wearing around his neck? Apparently enough to have him carry a gun on stage for protection, just in case some hipster decided that he wanted a piece of Rick’s gold. All that drama for a mediocre performance by a washed up rapper equals one dud, albeit memorable moment for the weekend.


3. Pass the Dutchie

Surely by now, everyone is familiar with the much publicized on stage breakdown by Wavves frontman Nathan Williams in 2009. Well, starting off the bands Saturday afternoon set, Williams seemed to be experiencing technical issues and while they awaited another foot switch for Williams amp, the singer decided to calm his nerves with a little weed. He is from California, and it is prescribed for many medical issues, so seems perfectly reasonable. After a few hits off the joint, Williams does what any self respecting smoker would do, and passes the remainder of the joint to a fan in the front row and says “Keep it. I have plenty of those”.


2. Don’t Pass the Dutchie

It’s a rock-n-roll show and we all know that there is plenty of weed at a rock-n-roll show, and I enjoy a little smoke every now and then at a show. During Delorean’s set, which was a nice surprise by the way, I noticed a couple of guy next to me with a little fatty. Being a veteran of rock shows, I casual gestured to the kids for a hit off of the joint. Much to my surprise the two guys looked at me like I was some crazy homeless dude or a cop, and refused. What? Did someone not pass along the rock show etiquette to this little hipster punks? Hopefully not a blemish on a younger generation of music fans. Delorean still rocked. I don’t need weed to have a good time.


1. Catching Up With Music Geeks

It’s always good to be in a place where every music geek in the city/country is gathered for a couple of days. The regular folks just don’t get our geekness sometimes, so it’s good to be in the company of peers, even if they are wasted at 4 in the afternoon. And they are delaying the trip to see Cults because they have to piss AGAIN, or they need to snag another free hotdog from the media tent, or they need to talk with some person who obviously is not nearly as important as the band that is playing on stage! Friends are good. You know I’m talking about you, don’t you?


There’s always more to music festival that just the music, and if any fest is going to provide you an experience beyond just the music, Fun Fun Fun Fest does exactly that. Can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve for next year.

And if you see Viper at the show and you got a little smokey smoke on know what to do friend. Cue…Musical Youth

Many thanks to Sonic Itch Music & Valerie Fremin for the Monotonix pic!

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