Artist To Watch: Literature

You’ve been looking all over town to find that new great Austin band, the one you can adore for years to come, right? Well, I’ve got the inside scoop on one of the rising bands in Austin, and you won’t be disappointed when you take one listen to Literature. Here’s the scoop…

While searching through various record stores, diving for obscure Pakistani New Wave from the late 80s, the members stumbled upon what must have been divine intervention.  After all, who else is really looking for those rare blue vinyl 7″s from Pakistan? Once they got together in a studio, they wrapped what we can only guess was a one sweaty practice set, having established a sound they could proudly call their own, which now influenced the deliciousness of classic power pop sounds.   Their sound lives somewhere in the jangle pop of garage rock, yet they hammer it all away with a tight focus on creating infectious melodies, surely fueled by their fans rabid taste for Pabst Blue Ribbon.  You see, this is a working class band; this is a band who doesn’t mind sitting on your couch, throwing back a few beers and watching re-runs of The Bernie Mac Show. All in all, the band creates serious pop tunes, the kind that make you tap your feet and convulse about in your cubicle, begging to be in some dingy club watching Literature live! For now, you can settle by picking up their new Cincinnati 7″. Do yourself a favor, it’s about time you had a little fun with your rock n’ roll again.


Download: Literature – Its Cruel [MP3]

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