Our recent love for the music of New Zealand has been quite apparent recently to anyone who checks out this site often (seriously search “New Zealand” and see all those posts in November).  Continuing on with more great music from the area, we bring you the tunes of Auckland band Debutantes.  The 4 piece group have been around since 2005 and currently only have a 3 song self-titled EP and this other single below “It’s Not Too Late”.  They’ve been reminding me of a raw, and more reverb laden version of Los Campesinos! without the ladies and British accents of course.  Debutantes have yet to make it out of New Zealand but promise to get to the States when the money is there, so help them out kids!  You can also hear 3 more of their tunes over on bandcamp.


Download: Debutantes – It’s Not Too Late [MP3]

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