Introducing The Vaccines

Every once in awhile the British press will actually get something right.  They’ve been all over The Vaccines, expecting huge things from the group in 2011, even though the band have little more than a demo to their name. There is, however, this one incredible single featuring two great tracks.  The first track is titled “Wreckin’ Bar,” and its this amped up tune that blows by you in less than 1.5 minutes; catchy to boot. Then, there’s the below single, “Blow It Up,” which draws out the listening experience a bit more, giving a bit of angular guitars and hollow swirling vocals to the masses.  As of right now, I’m super excited about this band and their promise.  I’ll not get too over myself until they actually put out something more substantial, but for now, it’s nice to meet you guys.


Download: The Vaccines – Blow It Up [MP3]

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