FTC: Tall Dwarfs

It’s been some time since we’ve broken out a band for our From the Closet feature, so I figured it was high time to do a little bit of revisiting.  It seems like the last few runs were all about emo, so I thought I bring back a thing or two that illustrated the higher brow interests of my musical tastes.  Here you go gang: Tall Dwarfs.

Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate formed the gang in 1981 in some place called New Zealand, and for the most part, it was just these two cats, playing music together, breaking into what we’re all now labeling as lo-fi.  Chris Knox hasn’t had the greatest last couple of years, in regards to health, but despite this, there has been loads of people who’ve been influenced by his hard work and honest musical compositions, as noted in the release of last year’s Songs for Chris Knox.  For me, there’s always been some personal affiliation with their tracks, and of course, the popular ones, as this was how I originally learned to love the band.  Interestingly, their music is almost three decades old, yet I have a feeling you could throw them in right now, and they’d be every bit as vital in the present as they are in the grand scheme of such musical things.  Give this a listen.  Hopefully you’ll adore it like I did, and if not, that’s okay, at least you can pay tribute to both Knox and Bathgate and the greatness that was Tall Dwarfs.


Download: Tall Dwarfs – Nothings Going to Happen [MP3]

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