Friday Top 5: Worst Album Artwork of 2010

Even some of the greatest albums tote around some pretty terrible artwork that can be confusing and quite often disturbing. I’ve rounded up a handful of the worst covers from 2010 that made their way to distribution despite their appearance.


5. RJD2  – The Colossus

Don’t worry, we here at ATH love us some RJD2. We got the chance to chat with him at Fun Fest. However, I don’t believe that this artwork represents his sound even to the slightest degree. The color scheme, the hand holding a wind instrument, and the sparrow soaring above just doesn’t do it for me. I see this and think hippy trip fest. Sorry man.


4. Scissor Sisters – Night Work

As much as I love these modern day disco queens, this photograph is a little too much to handle. An up close image of tightly-clinched man buttocks…no thanks. Despite the thin aerobic pants forming an extreme wedgie, this cover is quite representative of their music and style.


3. Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest

What the heck is going on here? This photograph is so very peculiar. I’m sure some strong drugs were in use while choosing this for their record front. However, the guerilla marketing campaign that promoted the album was pretty cool. The band asked fans to print and post their flyers around town, take photos of the posting, and send them back to the band. They archived all of the photos here.


2. Weezer – Hurley

Whaaa? The image you see is an extremely up-close photo of the Actor Jorge Garcia, whom you may recognize as “Hurley” from Lost. Actually, the original photo is a shot of Garcia and Cuomo hugging, then cropped and zoomed in on his scruffy face. They were going to self-title the album, but figured fans would refer to it as the “Hurley” album anyway. Overall, there is not really a great explanation as to why his face is the album cover.


1. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Round and Round”

I can’t even look at this cover. As much as I love and adore dogs, I can’t wrap my mind around this artwork existing. I know Ariel Pink is a very strange and artistic being, but there is no exception as to why this was approved and published. I’m sure some hipster has it hung on their wall with vintage push pins.



  • From what I understand, the dwarf on the Deerhunter ablum is Dima (Dimitri Marakov). He (she) was the idea behind ‘Helicopter’. The horrific tragedy of his life and death is written about in the liner notes of Halcyon Digest.

  • Thanks for the insight, Jon. Personally I do not favor Deeerhunter, but my picking on their album cover is unrelated. Glad that it connects, compared to Hurley. 😉 Still makes me uncomfortable…

  • Sure thing Mair. The funny thing is, I think that was its intention. The whole idea Cox was grappling with on the album were universal themes like being forgotten when we die and the (lack of) legacy left behind. Cox must have related somehow to Dima’s plight and to highlight his thought process with this image is pretty profound, yet frightening. I guess Cox felt his story needed to be heard.

    Great list though. Truly hideous stuff.

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