Austin A2W: Whalers

Austin band Whalers have been at the music game in and around town playing live shows and making a name for themselves for about two years at this point.  It’s a shame that we haven’t discovered them sooner, but we all know this town has more bands than we know what to do with.  These guys recently finished their debut EP How the Ship Goes Down that features their very own brand of good ‘ol fashioned rock n freaking roll.  If I were to make a bill of similar local bands, I’d build a show with SuperLiteBike, The Happen-Ins, and Whalers.  All bands that know how to rock and don’t need a lot of added BS to create a solid sound.  You’ve got a chance to check these guys out live next month on February 2nd at Beauty Bar in Austin along with Only Thieves and Look Mexico.  In the meantime, you can check out the band’s new EP for free on their bandcamp page and let us know what you think.


Download: The Whalers – Magic Tricks [MP3]


  • Great band.

  • Love Whalers.

    I like to think of bands/artists such as Whalers, Uncle Lucius, The Sword & singer/songwriter Jesse Woods, as paving the way towards a true integration of:

    A) Relevant, unpretentious, & creative rock and fucking roll music

    B) The laid back yet hardworking, DIY nature that is characteristic of Austin, TX music throughout the ages.

    Although each of these from completelyTrue post-indie pioneers. Austin’s present meets its past.

  • Whalers are a great band to see and listen !!

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