Friday Top 5: Reasons You Should Listen to Some Tunes from the Past

I could, honestly spend hours honoring this personal request, and at some point just might do that fucking thing. F*CK new music! Sure we get the occasional handjob every now and then, but really? Do we see a respectable Disciple on the horizon? Not really.

Anyone who thought that Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs really deserved an album of the year nomination for 2010, should check out now. Booooorrrrrring. We live in a time where music/art takes place in a nanosecond. Things move fast now, and as you move forward in life, only faster. Controlling the content is completely up to you.


5. Who really pays attention anymore?


4. Post-High School

The sky was the limit, and that scored for music as well. Who can say no to anything that seems to be on the creative side? I do see a few hands in the audience raised…


3. High School

Late night car rides complete with can beer and rolled joints, ending up in hiding from the cops or getting laid. It was a roll of the dice, but the metal was good.


2. Teenage Years

You know that there are songs that sit with you, in memories. The car ride after the party, or the first time you kissed that boy or girl.


1. Music that reminds you of your childhood

You are only young once..and the early years are the best. Grab that shit if you can.


The music of the past, and there is some decent stuff, feeds the current…and does so well. I really do love you…it’s in my dna. My old dna. You kids have no idea what is about to challenge you on the music front…pay fuckin attention.


  • Mixtapes.



    T. Rex.

    Warped cassettes on dashboards.

    What’s the scenario?

    REM’s minor chords.

  • Dizzam, this is straight forward…and I like it. Mixtapes will forever be one of my most favorite things in the world. from cassette tapes to CD’s, to zip files through an email. The ones with the hand written titles are the best.

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