Friday Top 5: SXSW Hangovers

You don’t really think I’m going to list my top 5 hangovers during SXSW, do you? That would be a task that would take years of scouring my brain and the memories of many who have been involved. I know I can be an idiot sometimes, but give me a little credit. I’m talking about what seems to be the lingering taste of that stale, warm, bitterness, that some people in this town, and many outside have lingering on their cranial palate after last week. The wise and beautiful Nathan Lankford already laid it out here on this site recently, and as this week has passed in the wake of SXSW, some of those points rang incredibly true, and others have reared their ugly heads to add to the growing Medusa.

Now, lets get one thing straight before we get too far into this. I love SXSW! I love the official SXSW and I can’t say that I completely hate the non-official part of SXSW. I’ve worn the badge, the wristband, and done the RSVP till my fingers hurt, but something needs to change.


5. Misbehaving Bands

Being in band has to be tough, and maybe I just don’t understand how tough it is, but if you are in a band, and you act like a child when I make it a point to make time in my day to support your art….you suck. So, apparently hundreds of “invited” guests to the Kanye West show were turned away. Who cares? Then, Odd Futures after several successful shows, had their moment at their official SXSW show to demonstrate that they have an unpleasant side to themselves. After half of a song, the band decided to berate the audience (many of which had paid $20 to see the show), bash SXSW, and then shortly into their set, walk off the stage. And then we have Ben Weasel of Screaching Weasel. Punching a heckler in the face, and then punching the club owner who jumped on stage. Both of which, were female. Now, that’s lame. The remaining members of Screaching Weasel resigned from the band on Wed, and I would believe that this is only scratching the surface of the negative fallout from this little rodent’s actions.


4. Fader Fort

That’s right..screw Fader Fort. I just don’t get it really, and I’ve tried. Someone please explain to me why, why, why, why, do you chose to wait in a line that’s 3 blocks long, for this bastion of lame hipsters and mediocre lineups? Is is really just for the free booze? I saw 3 good bands at 3 different venues while you tweeted “OMG, I’m soooo close to getting in the front gate, and it’s totally gonna rule!”. And how many of those folks even know that Fader is a magazine?



What’s the point? Does it mean anything anymore, and if so, can you explain it to me? I don’t think that one event that I RSVP’d to actually checked a list. And if you aren’t going to check a list, then why close the RSVP’s? Is there some formula that has been figured out that predicts attendance based on RSVP’s? Maybe I’m not going to the cool parties that you do need an RSVP to get into, and if that’s the case..that makes me happy. Next year, no RSVP.


2. Misbehaving Fans

You hear about the fans crashing the gates at The Strokes show at Auditorium Shores? What about the small riot at Beauty Bar while Death From Above 1979 played on the outside patio? Small riot, large riot, I don’t want to have anything to do with either. Especially when it’s fueled by all the free beverages that have been available for a better part of day, and especially when there are tasers and cops on horseback involved. Death, at a rock show is not acceptable unless it is in the name of the band playing. Maybe if the folks heading to The Strokes show would’ve gotten a good listen to their latest album Angles before the show, things would’ve been a lot I’ve heard. I’ve heard it sucks. Really.


1. Evil Corporations

It’s that dance we do, uncomfortably and awkward, sometimes rewarding, but makes you feel dirty in the end. CNN SXSW Grill? I’m not denying that the CNN folks should have a comfortable place to work, and even grab a decent meal, but taking over a restaurant, replacing the sign, uniforms, logos, menu, etc.? Is that really necessary? I’m sure the folks at Max’s Wine Dive are lapping up that fat check like kids over at the Pepsi lot were slurping down free booze mixed with Pepsi products, and maybe I would if in the same position. Who knows? Probably won’t ever be in that position. I do reap some of the rewards at times, but I really wanted to buy a COLD beer that one afternoon, but was left with warm “hooray beer!”, and stuff being marketed to me as “weed in a can”. The show was worth it though.


I love you SXSW, but the wrinkles are showing and you are starting to sag a bit in places. All that makeup doesn’t make it less ugly at times.

And if you haven’t seen this video



  • Viper – You may never hear me say this again, so write it down, but I agree with everything in this post.

    I’ll also add that many people couldn’t even get free drinks at The Fader Fort because of long lines for the booze. To be honest, I’m fine with people crowding in line over there so the crowds at other better shows will be smaller and I’ll enjoy myself more. I walked into Emo’s, Red 7, Flamingo Cantina, etc. with no wait for awesome lineups… but NO FREE BOOZE!!! WHAT!?!?!

    I’m also going to add to your list with something mentioned in that hilarious youtube video:
    #6. Lack of new ideas –
    As stated in that video, tons of new and creative things used to get their start at the interactive side of this festival. It seemed like this year was nothing but Gowalla, huge corporate sponsors and people wanting to be the next Pandora Radio. What happened to those “out of the box thinkers”? While in line at the Mohawk on Sunday night, someone came up to me and actually began the pitch for their new “App” with “Well, it’s basically like Pandora….”. Why the hell do I want that man if it’s just like something else? Stop wasting my time. Similar stories happened at least 5 other times during the week.

  • Fader Fort had a great line up Wednesday, actually. Get your wristband early, then get in early and plan to stay on a day you like the whole line up. Or get a press wristband and skip lines. 😉

    As for the fans, this sense of entitlement some fans have to be in the moment is the result of the social networking induced “I was there” effect. Stop it. If you can’t get in, deal with it. You are ruining it for all of us. More venues will need to be badge and wristband only, especially the tent cities where security sucked last week so new security next year knows who to un-ass from the crowd.

    The video is awesome, but it was marketing for a panel discussion…

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