New Music From Appleseed Cast

It’s quite apparent that I love the Appleseed Cast, duh.  I remember watching their set at Fun Fest this past year and wondering why more people weren’t screaming “THE CAST!” like I was.  Sure, the newer stuff isn’t quite as enjoyable as the old favorites, but it’s still solid.  So today I’m pumped to hear about a new EP from the band entitled Middle States coming our way June 7th on Graveface Records.  Also with this news comes the first taste of the EP in the form of new song “Middle States”.  It really reminds me of something from the Low Level Owl albums, which I’m sure plenty of people will be on board with.  To say I’m excited about this change in sound direction would be a major understatement.  THE CAST!


Download: The Appleseed Cast – Middle States [MP3]

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