Show Review: Raveonettes @ Emo’s (4/12)

On a night that had me out for Hunx and His Punx headlining indoors at Emo’s, we were able to manage some last-minute access to bring you a quick review and some shots of The Raveonettes outdoors. Follow the jump for more.

Shapes Have Fangs brought a mixed stage presence, part frenetic, partstatic and the full sound of garage rock while the crowd filtered into the patio room.  Tamaryn brought shoegazing and a great rhythm section.  And red lights, only red lights.  I know they did it only because they overheard me complaining about the cave-like conditions inside, heh.

The Raveonettes made me smile.  They had the big lights, the stage fills, the mood machines.  It suited the band well as they ripped through a significant portion of the new album that has entered my regular listening cycle.  “Evil Seeds” was a show highlight, so very good.  I left to get a few hours of sleep before work in the morning during what I later found out was the end of the regular set, but have it on good word that “Aly Walk With Me” predictably finished the show.  Not a big loss, IMHO, I did see five other bands.

…on a Tuesday.

More photos from Brian can be seen on his site.

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