New Track from Sarabeth Tucek

I’ll admit it, we probably don’t do the best job of promoting female musicians as much as we should around these parts. But, something about Sarabeth Tucek caught me today, perhaps it was the simplicity of her offering.  There’s just a gentle guitar that meanders throughout, and then there’s just the vocal that goes atop it all.  Something in the way Tucek sings is awfully reminiscent of one Hope Sandoval, but perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. Regardless, she’s got a striking voice, and you can hear more from Sarabeth when her album, Get Well Soon, hits stores on May 24th.  Sometimes you just need a little love from the ladies. Oh, and apparently she sang with Bill Callahan on Smog‘s Supper back in the day.


Download: Sarabeth Tucek – Get Well Soon [MP3]

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