The Rosebuds – Loud Planes Fly Low

Rating: ★★★★☆

After five full-length studio albums, it is safe to say that The Rosebuds have shown you the various things that they can do. Be it dance tunes, grounded indie rock, or wispy pop, this band has done it all. With such a wide range of capabilities, it is hard to predict where this band will go next, which contributes to the delight and spontaneous feel to Loud Planes Fly Low.

Things start out strongly on the first song, “Go Ahead” where listeners are greeted by the mellow voice of lead male singer, Ivan Howard and the sweet echoes of female singer Kelly Howard. As far as pop tunes from this band goes this has got to be one of the more solid ones. Faded percussion rises then falls to meet the serenity developed by soft “ooohs” of the background, creating a head bob worthy beat. By the time it builds up to the end at four minute twenty seconds, it’s hard to resist the urge to skip back and repeat.  The Rosebuds make it difficult to move on from the bluesy, yet breezy appeal of this first number to the second song, which is always an excellent sign of things to come.

The breezy pop with deeper set roots continues on the second song, “Limitless Arms,” as well as the third, “Second Bird of Paradise.” However, on the fourth song, you have a pop track with a basis in a sort of disco groove. On “Come Visit Me,” Kelly explores the feeling of throwing away future consequences for an instantaneous gain (“Even if it fucks me up”), while maintaining a stellar 70’s feel with it’s string work. It’s songs like these that serve as reminders to the versatility of The Rosebuds; they can deliver danceable tracks that have substance as well.

“Worthwhile” ends things in a softer, acoustic light. Ivan leads the way once more with his soothing voice, and delicate strings join him and the guitar plucking towards the end of this little number. It’s a delightfully tender moment, and is the perfect finish for The Rosebuds.

Honestly, I can’t find a song worth complaining about on this album. With its limitless diversity, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. So find your own favorites on Loud Planes Fly Low and cherish a band that brings so much to the musical table.


Download: The Rosebuds – Woods [MP3]

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