Show Review: The Rosebuds @ The Parish (6/24)

Considering the last week seemed sort of dull, at least in regards to live music about the town, we were really excited by the killer bill at The Parish, featuring two of our favorite acts of the moment, Other Lives and the Rosebuds–we were unaware local band O.A.X. (pronounced Oaks) was joining the night as well. As usual, the Parish had excellent sound, and air-conditioning, so it’s hard to find anything bad to say about the evening.

O.A.X. is a newer act upon the town, rumored to include various members of The Heartless Bastards.  Their sound, well, it’s sort of what you would expect from a male-fronted Heartless Bastards, which isn’t a bad thing mind you.  At times, their blend of country-tinged rock closely resembled the Old 97s, but with a bit more of a country appeal, so we expect that these fellows will be making a name for themselves fairly soon–especially since Ivan of Rosebuds helped record their debut.

When it came time for the Other Lives, I had to relocate from my standing position, as the new breed of Austin music fans (whom I abhor) would not shut their mouths–I get it lady, you had a long day of work, but if you want to talk about it, take it outside.  However, once Jesse Tabish and his band took the stage, and I found appropriate accommodations for my listening experience, I was completely immersed in the music.  The majority of their set include tracks from the most recent Tamer Animals, which is an incredible listen, and the Parish’s always excellent sound only buoyed the group’s performance.

Just watching the band, you get the feeling that every move, and every note for that matter, is carefully orchestrated before the band steps on the stage.  I don’t mean this as criticism, as their attention to detail is what will eventually have you sinking deep within to their orchestral sound, falling head over heels for them in the process. Interestingly, it seemed a great deal of fans were there to catch Other Lives, so it seems (especially after their glowing P4K review) that their star can only grown brighter.  Never a bad song in this band’s set, we were pleased, awaiting the night’s main course, the Rosebuds.

They took to the stage following an intermission full of stagehands pulling gear and loading out and then in.  Bathed in blue, the band used “Go Ahead” to introduce the crowd to the new album, the opening track of Loud Planes Fly Low.  It was a proper start.  This track is a tempered balance of the latest release.  The track Ivan Howard’s smooth, hopeful but melancholy tone in their more melodic songs.

“Limitless Arms” also struck early.  Again, the interplay of layered melodies was perfectly balanced.  “Second Bird of Paradise” was musically, my second favorite track.  “Cover Ears” took that title.  It was perfect.  As for the more upbeat stuff, “Boxcar” was a late offering got the crowd singing the la-la-las and swaying together.  “Leaves Do Fall” was the showcase for Kelly Crisp.  “Come Visit Me” added Josh from Other Lives to the stage to lay down the bassline.  “Get Up Get Out” was not on the set list, much to the photo-widow’s chagrin, but it admittedly wouldn’t have fit.

The night was smartly finished by a more acoustic version of “Nice Fox” featuring crowd participation for the “…and it don’t mean nothin’ at all” interjections.

During the set, I chatted with the sound guy.  I noticed him meandering through the crowd, making sure the mix was solid. While he admitted it was a little bright for the Rosebuds (needed for recording a few of the tracks), it still sounded brilliant; The Parish was a perfect host.  Afterwards, many near me were quite audible in expressing how pleased they were to have been in the audience Friday.  Both bands suited the venue, both bands mesmerized and delighted old fans and new.

More photos from Mr. Brian Gray can be found on his website.


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