Lost in Austin Take Away: Her Space Holiday

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to introduce you to the “Lost in Austin Take Away.” We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for some time trying to find the best way to incorporate our love for Austin music (or music in general) and video footage.  Lucky for us, we ran into the excellent filmmakers of Guerrilla Waltz.  Together, we’re hoping to bring you a new experience that incorporates our love for music with the greater Austin community, shooting film all about town, capturing our favorite artists playing our favorite songs.  This is the first of what we hope will be many great videos.

Marc Bianchi came into his own playing music in California, but he’s recently moved to Austin, making himself part of the vibrant music scene.  Under the moniker of Her Space Holiday, he’s been making album after album for almost 15 years.  Sadly for many, this year will mark the end of Her Space Holiday.  He’s calling it a day on this project by self-releasing the self-titled Her Space Holiday album on August 16th.   His musical arrangements combine varying elements, leaning towards the world of orchestral bedroom pop.  Our first edition of the LIA Take Away will be one of Marc’s new songs, “Anything for Progress” off his upcoming LP.  Not only is the gentle tune something you’ll find warming your heart, but Marc’s smile as he walks through the wooded area outside of Austin makes him all the more charming.  You might find yourself falling in love with the guy, just as we expect you to fall in love with the song.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have another video from Marc and Her Space Holiday, which will feature one of the songs off The Young Machines album from 2003.  Don’t forget to purchase your copy of Her Space Holiday on August 16th.

[youtube width=640 height=390]AYMU2c0Ot0o[/youtube]

Fans of Vimeo over youtube can head here for that version.


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