New Folk Hit from Musikanto

One man’s love for fast rock n’ roll can only take him so far, so I’ve always got to have some folk or melodramatic jams to help me unwind.  Recently I’ve been introduced to Musikanto, a Chicago songwriter who will likely be making a name for himself all over the country soon. Press releases hint at Van Morrison and Ryan Adams connections, and I definitely see that there, but I also see little pieces of early Mason Jennings.  It’s heartfelt and honest, and there’s a willingness to provide a good narrative, even from a first-person point of view.  Looking for something mellower today? This could be your jam; you can grab it, as well as the rest of the songs from his Sky of Dresses album on August 2nd via Grape Juice Records.


Download: Musikanto – Every Which Way [MP3]

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