New Jams From Leatherbag

Austin boys Leatherbag are one of those bands that are highly underrated in this town, yet somehow seem to be on the verge of blowing up any second.  Hell, after some searching, it seems as though we ATH geniuses have never posted music by the band.  Derp.  Well this hard working Austin band recently released new LP Yellow Television AND new EP Patience just last week.  Below you can find lead single from the full length entitled “Imitation Generation” for your enjoyment.  I think it will show you that we’ve been missing the boat on one of Austin’s finest songwriters Randy Reynolds.  By the way, you can stream both new LP and EP over on the band’s website so get to it.


Download: Leatherbag – Imitation Generation [MP3]

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  • Nice to see ATH catch up on Leatherbag 🙂
    I personally have Yellow TV and Patience pretty much playing on repeat now.

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