Friday Top 5: Mix Tape Closers

That’s right, I said mix TAPE. The days of sitting in front of a boombox waiting for a song to come on the radio may be over, but I refuse to say “Mix CD” or to refer to a “digital playlist.” Too many syllables. Just doesn’t roll off the tongue like “mix tape.” Yeah, I know a while back ATH ran a “Top 5 Album Closers” list, but this is different. Because I added the whole “mix tape” angle. So it’s totally not the same thing. You’re buying this right? What’s that? You don’t give a flying squirrel’s ass anyway? Oh thank God. Because I forgot I was supposed to write something this week, so I just threw some garbage together at the last minute. These songs really are good mix tape closers though, I swear.


5. The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year

F the 60’s crap,

Yet this song melts my cold heart. . .

Score one for hippies.


4. The Walkmen – Another One Goes By

“A Hundred Miles Off” may be a bit uneven as far as Walkmen records are concerned, but the closing track makes the trip worthwhile. I’m admittedly a sucker for this sort of thing. The practiced nonchalance. The weariness. The heartache of seeking something that seems always just out of reach. And the strange deja vu comfort of knowing it will all happen again tomorrow.


3. Yo La Tengo – You Can Have It All

The crack research staff at Austin Town Hall (*cough* Wikipedia *cough* ) reveals that this song was written by Harry Wayne Casey A.K.A. “K.C.” from K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Sorry, it’s not a disco jam. It’s a love song. I can tell you’re disappointed, but stick with me. This is one of those tracks that hits you with such an onslaught of densely layered sounds, that it doesn’t so much seduce you as it does bend you to its will. Before you know it, you’re completely enveloped in an expression of pure love at its unselfish best. Or you could end your mix tape with “Shake Your Booty.” See if I care.


2. The Velvet Underground – After Hours

The Velvet Underground may be best known for their adventures in noise, but could they also interest you in an adorable pop song? Lest Maureen Tucker’s vocals strike you as too cute for words, stop to reflect on the darkness in the lyrics. The song is about shutting out the world. The party was great, but it’s time to go home. Seriously, end of mix tape. Go away.


1. Pavement – …And Carrot Rope

For those that would dismiss Pavement’s later work as “too Malkmusy” and “not Pavementy enough”, I must first admonish you for your barbarous use of the English language. Secondly, I humbly submit that you check out “…And Carrot Rope.” Okay, you’re right, it is a pretty Malkmusy track (oh great, now I’m using your stupid made up word), but it’s also a good song. I’m not the type to have life-affirming crap spoon fed too me, so it’s refreshing that the message of this song is essentially: “Hey, we may be doomed to a hell of chasing one meaningless desire after another, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it right?” Seems like as good a place as any to end any collection of songs you could come up with.



  • Observation: Mr. Goodrich has great musical taste.

    Conclusion: Other ATH writers, pay attention, the people demand more Goodrich.

    * “the people” = me

  • I’ll second that, Kyle. Fun read. Great selections.

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