Lost in Austin Takeaway – Her Space Holiday #2

We’re  still working closely with the great guys over at Guerrilla Waltz, trying to bring you great videos of our favorite musicians from Austin and afar. Today we’ve got another gem from Her Space Holiday to offer you for our second video in the Lost in Austin Takeaway series.  Read more to find out all about the gem of a video, and the free acoustic MP3 download we’re offering along with it. Marc Bianchi has a little over three weeks before he releases his last album under the Her Space Holiday; the self-titled record will be in stores near you on August 16th.  Our last time out, we featured a new song from Marc’s upcoming album, filmed out near the studio in Bastrop, TX where the record was recorded.  But, Marc was kind enough to offer us a nice little glimpse into his own songwriting past, letting us film a great video of “Japanese Gum” off of his The Young Machines record from 2003.

The intimate quality of the footage demonstrates just how personal the music is to Marc, as well as all his listeners, so we’re even more excited to share a free acoustic version of the song with you today to coincide with our launch of the video.  We hope you enjoy the hard work put in by Guerrilla Waltz, and Marc himself, to bring you both the video and the acoustic track.  Be sure to pick up your copy of Her Space Holiday in August, and since we know you’ll adore this song, go revisit his back-catalog while you’re at it.

Marc has also given us the exclusive right to share with you an MP3 of this acoustic version of an old song found below.  Hopefully you enjoy what you hear and will spread the word about Her Space Holiday and our new “Lost in Austin” series.

Fans of vimeo can also see that version here.

[youtube width=640 height=390]z-clgdrBff8[/youtube]

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/01-Japanese-Gum-ACOUSTIC.mp3]

Download: Her Space Holiday – Japanese Gum (ACOUSTIC) [MP3]

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