New Music (and album) from We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves

If you scour the Interwebs long enough late at night, you’re bound to come across something decent, which is exactly the case when I stumbled upon We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves. They’ve just self-released their own album, One Belongs Here More Than You, and you can pick it up for the lucky “name your own price” tag. While the band might be from the States, they definitely have the dance-hall feel of British bands celebrated in the annals of Northern Soul.  Give this a try, and get your feet moving and your arms swinging on another sweltering summer day.


Download: We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves – Back of My Bible [MP3]


  • I’ll pretend to move my feet and swing my arms. Drought conditions dictate saving water, even in the form of sweat.

    We need a full tour of bands from the UK like this to come through playing in barns. I think we can make that happen. Is it Friday?

    My face hurts.

  • Or maybe a tunnel tour. Or a hangar. Or my house.

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