Lost In Austin – Ghost Wolves

This edition of Lost in Austin brings you our homegrown favorites, Ghost Wolves.  Follow the jump for more.

The Ghost Wolves have been hard at work over the last year, preparing their bluesy-folk for the masses.  They’ve just released their In Ya Neck EP via their BANDCAMP page, and you’d be silly not to get your hands on it now, as the rest of the world is sure to catch on soon.

This edition was filmed at the band’s “shack” by our dear friends over at Guerrilla Waltz, and it features the father of lead singer, Carly, whose role as a breeder of wolf/dog hybrids led to the storied naming of the band. Legend has it that the name arose out of a sighting of the ghost of a recently deceased family dog.  It’s said that Carly spotted the ghost dog/wolf leading a pack of other animals through her familiy’s land.  Such a vision is bond to influence anyone, so the band immediately used it to establish their working moniker.

Musically, you’ll find hints of popular acts in the mainstream such as The White Stripes, but you can definitely feel a bit of Texas lurking in both the music, and the video. At times, Carly sounds a bit more ferocious than comparable groups, but that sort of passion only strengthens the band’s sound. We’re really excited about this group, and we hope you enjoy this edition of Lost in Austin. Don’t forget to visit the band and purchase their recent EP, In Ya Neck.  

[youtube width=640 height=390]vCuiDyV58s8[/youtube]

For those who prefer Vimeo, we’ve got that too.


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