ACL Spotlight: Death From Above 1979

It’s that time of year folks! Hopefully the heat will subside, even if for a few days, and we can get full-on into our celebration of Austin City Limits, free of heat stroke. We’ll be bringing you interviews and more over the next couple of weeks, highlighting bands we think you should check out over the festival, so read on for info on our first spotlight, Death From Above 1979. The name hints at danger, and odds are, if you follow local news, then you’re probably thinking that Death From Above 1979 incited a riot this past year over at Beauty Bar.  Odds are, they didn’t, but I won’t let you go away thinking they aren’t a dangerous band.  Honestly, you’re probably not going to find a more energetic show at the festival than what these two Canadians are bringing down South.  You think Muse is the best live band? If these guys have good lighting, they’re going to make Muse look like a bunch of elementary school kids on the playground.

Musically, they’re just really gritty, with crashing cymbals and driving rhythms.  It’s the kind of music that can haunt and possess, which I can vouch for due to an experience long ago at one of the earliest SXSW Vice parties (2003 maybe?). Sure, I might have been a bit under the influence, but as noise swirled around the little studio on the East Side, everyone in attendance was on their feet dancing.  Well, perhaps dancing is not what one does to DFA 1979; it’s more like a possessed zombie stomp, as there’s too much of an edge to their style to properly find your rhythm.  Luckily, there were only about 40 people, so there wasn’t a riot, but if there were enough people to do so, I would have gladly participated.

If it’s the heavier side of things you’re looking for at Austin City Limits Festival, this is probably going to be the best bet, for my money.  If you just want to see someone put on an unrealistic display of energy, then find your way here.  If you like MSTRKRFT or even Sebastien Grainger, then get here too.  Whatever you do, I beg you not to riot, just sit back and enjoy the show Death From Above 1979 will be putting on at 5:30 over at the Honda Stage.


Download: Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights [MP3]

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