Friday Top 5: Songs About Money

It seems that all over the college sports landscape nowadays, all we hear about are conference realignments, TV deals, advertising packages, and student athlete sponsor scandals. Somewhere along the lines, the good old fashioned spirit of the game got lost in the shuffle and with that came the sad realization that these young athletes are mere pawns in a much wider international game of economics. Regardless of what side of Lee County you set your allegiance or which color lucky underwear you wear on game day, let’s all remind ourselves about what the whole ‘Hullabaloo’ is about in the first place; dirty, evil money. Like the song says, ‘it’s the root of all evil today’ and there’s plenty of evil to go around in college sports these days. Just ask the U, tOSU, Oregon, Auburn…well for the sake of you, the reader, I couldn’t possibly list all 122 of them here. So, in light of Texas A&M’s indecisive decision to take their markets elsewhere and to mark the anticipated beginning of the 2011 season, here are the top 5 most ridiculously relevant songs that feature our corrupting currency as a common theme.  Now, where’s the tailgate party? I’m about to make it rain.


5. Pink Floyd – Money

In all honesty, I was going to keep this most obvious choice clear of the list but with lyrics like “Money, get back. I’m alright, Jack, keep your hands off my stack,” how could I refuse Mr. Pink the distinction to land on my list. It’s too bad ‘Beebe’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘back’, because otherwise I’d say it is perfect. If there’s one constant that I’ve learned throughout the off-season, it’s that everyone is looking out for theirs. Unfortunately, this wicked money grab doesn’t often display itself as fair play on the gridiron. If your team wins though, who cares, amiright?


4. The Beatles – Money

Surely, there’s no need for semantics, boys. I mean who really knows what John means when he says, “Now gimme money (THAT’S WHAT I WANT) That’s what I want (THAT’S WHAT I WANT) That’s what I want, ye-ye-yeh, That’s what I want.” It’s one of the mysteries of the universe and we may never know. What we do know, however, is that the BCS could use a new theme song for the upcoming season.


3. Lil Wayne – Money on My Mind

This one is dedicated to Terrell Pryor. Just like athletes like him the various programs take for a ride, sometime these young kids are led to take advantage of the system as it’s presented to them. Who can blame them? After all they are the stars and NCAA restricts any students from playing for profit.  As Wheezy says so eloquently, “I got my hand on the game yeah I make a grip, hundred grand in my fist same on my wrist”. Indeed Mr. Wayne, well said. Don’t worry Pryor, you’ll get yours. Same to you Jim Tressel, though I have a feeling he’s been taken care of far in advance.


2. Steve Miller Band – Take the Money and Run

Well, I’m not quite sure who the runner is in this case, but one thing for certain, both parties “got the money, hey, you know they got away”. I’m speaking of course about the infamous Cam Newton scandal which highlighted a 2010 season full of economic scandal. Now, if the NCAA had any balls in the matter, we might be headed in the right direction with preventing these matters. Too bad they don’t, probably because no doubt they got theirs too.


1. Puff Daddy – Its All About The Benjamins

I’m going on record stating that this song is terrible, but it makes the strongest point to meet my conclusions about the most popular and financially supported sport in the country. Somewhere along the lines in the past 50 years, the American dream shifted from honest liberty to dishonest liberality. Pop culture has certainly played a role in the matter, but we can only go blaming the Puffs and Wheezys of the world for so long. Sooner or later we have to start asking ourselves why. More than that, we must ask why we put up with it in our educational centers of higher learning. “Uhh…uh-huh? Yeah.”


If you pay attention at all to the latest news in a global perspective or in the college sports world, one thing is certain. We have been lead down this path of excess and greed by the people who present us with a product. A product that we as Americans are more than willing to pay for. Without getting into politics, I feel it’s only a matter of time until we see a global paradigm shift and it remains then to be seen where our priorities lay once the shit hits the College football fan. Regardless, I’m sure we’ll see this trend continue as we are all led down the path more realignments in the near future. We’ve only just seen the tip of the iceberg.



  • Jon! How dare you forget this little gem:

    But in all seriousness, AC/DC – Moneytalks is a good one. Great idea.

  • O-o How could I have possibly forgotten Calloway! It’s a classic jam and a soundtrack to greed 90’s style. Thanks raygun.

  • I’m gonna do laundry and some curls.

  • Late to the party on this topic, but what a fun one! Nice job. Thanks for including Pink Floyd… my grandfather LOVED that song. He was a straight-up square and totally into Big Band music of his generation, but for whatever reason, he really loved that one Pink Floyd song and I could never blame him for it. Great song.

    I really do not like Puff Daddy, but that music video for his ‘Benjamins’ remix was killer. Leave it to Mr. Jonze.

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