Friday Top 5: ACL Departure Soundtrack

I have a feeling that like most of you out there, the headliners for ACL aren’t the real reason for going to the festival. At first glance, this year may be a bit weak, but even early walk-ins will find excellent acts like Cults, Telekinesis, The Head and the Heart, The Antlers, An Horse, and so on. The middle of the lineup is great with Cut Copy, Kurt Vile, Smith Westerns, The Moondoggies, TV on the Radio, The Walkmen, Broken Social Scene, Empire of the Sun – I could go on. The headliners are left with the task of clearing the venue, the triggers for the long walk back to the car, the soundtrack for a mosey. Here are my Top 5 (anticipated) songs from this year’s Headliners to make me head out.


5. Coldplay – “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall”

This has the be the worst thing ever. I lol’ed at this track. I fear for the stability of Chris and Gwyneth’s relationship after hearing this. I was rooting for Coldplay. I was hoping for greatness, even mediocrity, a return to form that had crossover appeal, that was a gateway to the fringes so long ago. But no. I see this one landing mid-set, or perhaps the opener, either way I am bailing out as soon as it assaults my ears.


4. Kanye West – “Hey Mama”

Look, this is going to sound cold and evil, but I don’t have a single ounce of sorrow for Kanye’s loss. She was getting plastic surgery after being turned down by another doctor due to health risks and withheld info from the one the that did the work. Dumb. Now, there is a high probability that “Hey Mama” will not be on the setlist, so “Gold Digger” will be my back-up.


3. My Morning Jacket – Whatever follows “Mahgeetah” or “Golden”

I loved It Still Moves. Z? Not so much and apathy has reigned since. I caught the recent Storytellers episode and watched live streams from other festivals. I’m good. Saturday promises to be a long day anyway. The second day is pre-festival adrenaline and post-overdoing it on opening day. I’ll walk down the hill towards my exit to see a legend.


2. Stevie Wonder – “Superstition”

So this is where the supernatural happens. This is where Stevie Ray Vaughn is reincarnated, or at least that creepy statue comes to life, and joins Mr. Wonder on stage for the most amazing single rendition of any song ever. Nothing can beat this moment, I can go home happy. Second on my list would be for Frank Sinatra to come back to life to do the Murphy/Piscopo version of “Ebony and Ivory”. Again, goosebumps, I am complete.


1. Arcade Fire – “Sprawl II”

I only say this will be the walker because I have a feeling it will be last song of the festival unless we have Sinatra, SRV and Stevie Wonder join them for a cover of “Pastime Paradise” with a breakdown from Coolio and Kanye. I have told people since seeing their show in Austin at the Backyard that I will see Arcade Fire anytime they come to town. The ONLY reason to leave early is to be the first back to the roadie-cooler for that last beer before relenting to the reality that the real world awaits in eight hours, herd the cats and head home.


I wish you all the best of festival luck. May your parking be easy, your beer be cold and your nose be sunburn free. Looking at the forecast, it’s gonna be a hot one, so stay hydrated. See you on the lawn.

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