Is Ryan Adams Back?

Let’s just get it out of the way now that I am not one of those people that pisses on everything created by Ryan Adams since his debut solo masterpiece Heartbreaker. Sure, that album is one of a kind, but the dude has also put out some solid records by himself and with The Cardinals since then.  That being said, I will confirm that the most recent albums produced by Ryan have been close to un-listenable.  A heavy metal album?  A dual disc record of mostly Cold Roses B-Side?  And of course the atrocity known as Cardinology… Pass, pass and triple pass.  Well, now Mr. Adams has a few new songs floating around the interwebs which show real promise of a return to form for the veteran songwriter.  This new track “Lucky Now” is one of those promising tunes that’s been on the web as a stream for quite some time, but was just made free for downloading.  It shows a man that’s grown tired of gimmicks and B.S., and might finally be ready to make us all happy again.  Ryan Adams’ new album Ashes and Fire is due out October 11th.  Our amigos over at The Gum have posted several more new tunes that you should check out.


Download: Ryan Adams – Lucky Now [MP3]

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