Show Pics: Milagres/Peter Wolf Crier @ Lambert’s

It was an admittedly small show with a fairly unknown line up. But both bands have been featured here at Austin Town Hall, so we figured it was worth taking a look. Milagres and Peter Wolf Crier were in town and played Lambert’s. I figured a good Guinness pour and a barstool would do nicely the night before the TX/OU game. I met some people, heard some stories and listened to some music. Perfect.

Pics and a couple more notes from the show after the jump…

Milagres is out of New York by way of many hometowns. Their current release, Glowing Mouth, is out now on Kill Rock Stars. It is a friendly, poppy, Indie album and the live performance translates very well to what was recorded. “Here To Stay” and “Glowing Mouth” were the two best songs on the night for them. I spoke with members of the band, and unbeknownst to me (photog fog), The Pecknold stopped by, in town for a Fleet Foxes ACL taping.

Peter Wolf Crier started as a solo project for Peter Pisano, later joined by Brian Moen. Garden of Arms is out now on Jagjagwar. The front man for the touring band of three, Peter has duty on guitar, bass pedals, keys and a multitude of looping and effects pedals to create a big sound. Brian’s percussion is big and heavy. This is a room filling trio, “Setting It Off” making this point clearly. It is a layered track, drums filling the framework of organ tones and sparse guitar.

Given the polish on both band’s live sound, I wouldn’t be surprised if either band were to break through. Keep an eye out.

More pics available over at the photo site

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