Fun Fun Fun Fest Spotlight: Nobunny

California’s Nobunny has been at it for several years, and is filthy bit of garage rock is precisely what you’ll get if you visit his set over at the Black Stage.  His most recent record, First Blood, is a lot more polished then his last outing, which gives his song a lot more power, in so far as you can definitely find yourself immersed in the melody and the music, rather than just his antics.  Wait? I didn’t mention that he plays in a rabbit mask, often without more than a nice set of tighty-whities? Oh, well, that’s because I truly love his music, and the insanity of the show is just a much needed bonus. While I haven’t seen the group at a festival setting, a sweaty club suits the band’s sound well, so I challenge you to get out there, pogo about, and get down and dirty with Nobunny.  His set is on the Black Stage, but timing is yet to be determined.


Download: Nobunny – I Am A Girlfriend [MP3]


Download: Nobunny – Chuck Berry Holiday [MP3]

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