Show Review: St. Vincent @ Moody Theater (10/24)

Monday was a busy night for us kids over here at ATH, with several shows on our agenda.  We started out with a sweet little treat, which turned out to be not so sweet at all.

Head past for notes and pics from the St. Vincent show at ACL Live…

Cate Le Bon is a Welsh singer, and I’m sure the homeland plays a huge role, at least lyrically speaking.  She started off with some technical difficulties, but once she got going, her power-pop chords and booming voice seemed to really win over the anxious crowd. Personally, I found her endearing, if not enchanting, as she busted out some witty banter with the audience on several occasions.  Her presence, though way stage left, gave the audience the perfect appetizer for what lay in wait.

You know, you see Annie Clark, and you really picture this sweet young thing, with a strong voice and a quirky personality.  But, she brings so much more to the stage, at least she did on her recent visit to Moody Theater.  From the moment she came out, lights flashed, chords rang out and her body convulsed as she banged out bending chords and odd time signatures.  Who would have thought that someone so frail from afar could bring such a powerful emotion to the live setting.  One thing is for sure, St. Vincent is not a sweet little thing, rather a well-oiled machine with an artistry rivaled by few.

Just a few more pics available over at the photo site

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