The IT Department – v1.2

Heading into the FunFunFun weekend, I figured I might give you some stuff to chill to when you make it back to the house to decompress. What better than an installment of tracks from the IT Department?

I do a featured FFF6 artist in this edition, so I am “relevant” and “thoughtful”. Heh. Tycho melts your face, Small Black continues to mellow, Simian Ghost blurs influences, Sapphire Slows is and Grimes is the fun feature.


Tycho – A Walk

Tycho is Scott Hansen. Working out of the Bay area, he has delivered tracks full of elegance and light that create a tension in sparse layed noise and smooth drum sequenes and basslines, intermixing digital and organic. Known in his other life as a graphic designer (ISO50), you can see his style translates well to the visual arts.



Small Black – Moon Killer

This is the latest track released from Small Black‘s forthcoming Moon Killer release. Like the previous, you hear a growing maturity (dare I say) in their sound. As Nathan mentioned, M83 comes to mind, in the best possible way. Honestly, I think Washed Out benefitted greatly from touring with these guys early on. Pay attention to that mixtape coming out 11/11/11.



Simian Ghost – Free Agent

Simian Ghost is Swedish bliss. Recently picked up by Heist or Hit Records (hey, Mick), their Lovelorn EP features this gem. The track features the chillest of waves with a vocal that is reminiscient of Of Montreal. I think it has cross genre appeal, new and old, pop and alt. It’s pretty. It works for me.



Sapphire Slows – Spin Lights Over You

Tokyo. Sapphire Slows is from Tokyo. …and it’s a her that is the band. …and she is another of bedroom producer. …and this song blends a lot of what I love about pure electronic with tinges of influence from beyond the macbook. I love the new wave dance riffs, haunting background vocals. What do you hear?



Grimes – Crystal Ball

Finally, we have our FFF6 entrant. Grimes released this track with the LP back in May and it has been on slow burn, occasionaly popping up in my playlists or at work via the RadioK stream. A Canadian splitting time between Vancouver and Montreal, Claire Boucher released Darkbloom on the Hippos In Tanks label. I love the breakdown and change of direction with that stark hook.



We can offer up the Sapphire Slows track for download…

Download: Sapphire Slows – Spin Light Over You [MP3]


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