Friday Top 5: Fx3 Bands To See

Fun Fun Fun Fest starts today, and not like tonight, it kicked off around noon. You’re already late! Some of us are disappointed that the festival was forced to move away from its stomping grounds at Waterloo Park, and now set up at the large landscape of Auditorium Shores. No matter how dusty or crowded it gets, there are so many great bands performing that will keep you bobbin’ your happy little head. Here are the top 5 acts that I am most stoked about seeing.


5. Public Enemy

Flava Flav! Did you think you could catch a Mair.Heard Top 5 that didn’t involve at least one hit of hip hop? I definitely have a thing for this politically charged duo. I saw them a few years back at Bonnaroo, and even got a hug from Chuck D and pocketed his business card (which I have framed in my room). I know that Flav dropped the ball with “Flavor of Love” or whatever that show was called, but they gained my trust back with the 2007 track release “Harder Than You Think”. That’s my jam. They are definitely a sight to see live.

Friday, 8:30 pm, Blue Stage


4. Ra Ra Riot

I know these guys are like in a commercial now or whatever, but I am still in love with ‘The Rhumb Line’. Their live shows are known to be outstanding, and there’s something magical about their Kate Bush cover “Suspended in Gaffa”. I’m really impressed with how far these guys have come with the indie-orchestra sound they create, and you can’t help but love the hot ladies on violin and cello.

Saturday, 4:45 pm, Orange


3. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Yet another great group I haven’t had the chance to see live. I remember in ’09 when they took a break and broke out funky side projects, fans didn’t know what was going on or if they were ever going to get back together. I believe it was from the non-stop touring that may have run them dry. Several years later they let out a new album for 2011 that brought their fan base back together.

Friday, 7:25 pm, Orange


2. Jim Ward

This is definitely a great decision on Fx3’s behalf. Ward was the guitarist and back-up vocals for At the Drive-In, and now lead singer and guitarist for Sparta. He’s one of the great wonders to come out of El Paso, who also has a country sideproject called Sleepercar. You know what else makes him so awesome? He owns a bar. You can stop by and say hi (when he’s not touring or performing) at Hope and Anchor in El Paso.

Friday, 1:40 pm, Orange


1. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

I’ve been fairly obsessed with this dude for quite a while. Not only is he a hilarious actor and writer, he’s a rapper. He’s actually really good. If you don’t know his musically inclined side, you should watch this video. He is one of the co-founders of the Derrick Comedy group, a staff writer on 30 Rock, stars on Community, and makes cool music. I’m hoping the rest of ATH can agree that he’s pretty bad ass. I will be front and center and pleading to be his new gf. Apologies to my bf.

Comedy: Saturday, 4:10 pm, Yellow Stage

Music: Saturday, 7:00 pm, Blue Stage


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